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Problem Solvers Live Here

If there’s a way to do it better, we’ll find it.

As a young, skilled region, we have the energy to write the future responsibly, and the expertise to make it happen. This is a place where folks can take their ideas to market. It’s a place where youth can gain the skills to innovate in the tech space and industry. This culture of inventiveness and problem solving is woven through the region’s entire community spirit. If you have a vision, you can make it happen here.


Community Innovation


Our curious innovators bring their ideas to life in Startup YMM's technology makerspace. With future-ready technology like 3D printers and laser cutters, this is a place to meet, learn, and tinker.

Collaboration is a way of life and solving problems is second nature in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo. The Wood Buffalo Regional Innovation Network (WBRIN) is a network of local organizations that help strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in the region with the hope of inspiring a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.

Learn more about the WBRIN.

Innovation Lives Here

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The first indoor watersport training program

Waterskiing is a highly competitive global sport. If you're an athlete who lives in a place where outdoor training isn't always possible, we have a solution for you. The Syncrude Indoor Water Ski Program is the first indoor water ski program in North America. Train year round at any level in a safe and barrier-free environment.

FMWB's Indoor Towed Watersports Program

North America's first indoor towed watersports program calls FMWB's MacDonald Island Park home. Check out this home-grown innovation below.

Two people dressed in PPE crouch to collect water samples from a pond in the summer

Environmental Innovation

Environmental innovation in the oil sands

Companies that operate in Canada’s oil sands are leading the charge on environmental innovation. It starts during project planning and continues all the way through to land reclamation—every project is an opportunity.

Groups like Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) and Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) have been established as a way for companies to collaborate on environmental innovation.

Thanks to COSIA, the oil sands industry has openly shared 1,076 distinct technologies. The cost to this point is almost $1.6 billion, but the benefits have been exponential. There have been new solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing land impact, reducing water use and improving tailings management. These innovations will have benefits well beyond our region.

Read all about our environmental innovation

Canada's largest oil sands companies have partnered to help address climate action. Through a phased approach they're working collaboratively to achieve a goal of net-zero emissions from oil sands operations by 2050.

Let's Clear The Air | Pathways Alliance

Industry Innovation


Simply put, innovation is our business. With one of the best computer science programs in the country, and the largest energy companies in the world, ideas coming out of this region will continue to drive the nation’s economy forward.

Our Place

A Place of Diversity

It doesn’t matter where you’re from–all of us are welcome, as we are. And when you visit, you'll see it for yourself.

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