Primed for Growth

This region delivers prosperity to the entire country. And our investment opportunities are only growing. You can build a life and a business here.

Room to grow. And grow. And grow.

Opportunities and investments are in high supply in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo. What starts here can change the world.

A staggering $850 million in retail spending leaves the region every year. Those who live here love to support local businesses. Having more retail businesses to support isn’t just welcomed—it’s needed.

Our population is growing. Saline Creek and Parsons creek can accommodate a combined 40,000 new residents. We have no shortage of space for families and innovators to come and find their success.



We are a young and vibrant community. The average age in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is 35 and the average household income is $217,284 - twice the Canadian average. And we have the highest average disposable income in Canada at $151,589. We are a region positioned for growth.


Business Incentives

We’re motivated to help existing businesses grow and bring in new business to the region. Because of that, we have some of the best incentives available nationwide.


ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT and opportunities

As the region grows, so do the industries that help us thrive. There are so many business opportunities here for new businesses to start, and existing businesses to grow.

Market Profile

Why this region should be your top choice

There are many factors to consider for where to take your business next. We've compiled a list of what we believe make this region a top choice for expanding businesses.

Permits and bylaws

All you need to know

We are here to help you navigate the ins and outs of starting, growing and expanding your business here.

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