aerial view of lakes and surrounding green nature

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Parks & Nature

There’s a reason they’re called the great outdoors. Which is something you become instantly aware of when stepping out into our big backyard and immersing yourself in the natural beauty and parkland that abounds in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

aerial view of lake and land at Fort Chipewyan

Fort Chipewyan

Accessible only by plane or boat in the summer or by travelling the ice road in the winter, Fort Chipewyan is the oldest European settlement in Alberta and your launch point for adventure into Wood Buffalo National Park.

jet boating across the huge blue lake

Lakes & Rivers

Whether it’s by canoe, kayak, stand up paddle board, or an exhilarating jet boat excursion, there is seemingly no end to the rivers and lakes to explore in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo. You’ll find waters and adventures to suit every skill level, including the popular Gregoire Lake Provincial Park located close to Fort McMurray to the quiet, secluded Maqua Lake day-use area.

Oil Sands Reclamation

What becomes of an oil sands mine or in situ project when the oil sands are done being extracted? They land is remediated and reclaimed back to it’s original state. Reclamation means that land is returned to a self-sustaining ecosystem with local vegetation and wildlife. For our region this is natural areas featuring jack pine forests, grasslands and wetlands – and home to countless birds and wildlife.

Provincial Parks

Looking for the ideal spot for a family weekend camping getaway, or just a nice place to spend the day picnicking, doing a little fishing and watching wildlife? Check out our region’s provincial parks and recreation areas.

Wood Buffalo National Park

At 45,000 square kilometres Wood Buffalo National Park the largest park in Canada’s national parks system. That’s a whole lot of home where the buffalo roam, well wood bison actually, some 3,000 of them. It’s also home to the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserve, and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a bird nesting area.