NAABA Faces of Entrepreneurship

The Faces of Entrepreneurship

The 'Faces of Entrepreneurship, Celebrating the Indigenous Spirit' video series recognizes the culture & contributions of Indigenous entrepreneurs in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.


For almost 30 years, the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA) has been a national leader in promoting and advocating for Indigenous-owned and operated businesses in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

NAABA has launched a video series titled the Faces of Entrepreneurship, Celebrating the Indigenous Spirit to generate greater awareness and appreciation for the unwavering strength and talent of Indigenous business trailblazers and changemakers in the region.

The video series shares the success stories of NAABA members and helps to change the perceptions of Indigenous people in business with Indigenous entrepreneurs in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo by sharing their own story, in their own words, and in their own way.

Faces of Entrepreneurship - Preview

This 30-second trailer showcases some of the people behind the businesses that you will learn more about in this video series.

The Faces of Entrepreneurship is a multi-media storytelling initiative that aims to share the journeys of Indigenous business leaders from the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region –a trailblazer in Indigenous business and entrepreneurship in Canada. The region is home to some of the most successful Indigenous entrepreneurs in our country, with 6 First Nations and 6 Métis settlements making-up this vast and remarkable place of Indigenous strength.

Goals of the Initiative

  • Breaks down barriers, dispels myths, and educates non-Indigenous people in our province.
  • Builds intercultural awareness and inclusion of Indigenous communities.
  • Showcases the authentic entrepreneurial spirit and success of Indigenous business leaders.
  • Fosters a greater appreciation of Indigenous Peoples in Alberta.
  • Creates a province where Indigenous Peoples feel included, and their cultures are valued.

The Faces of Entrepreneurship, Celebrating the Indigenous Spirit

This 11-minute short film highlights the stories of Indigenous entrepreneurs in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

Faces of Entrepreneurship Video Series

4-minute vignettes

Sheena Bradley

Sheena Bradley is the Owner/Operator of Omisimâw Wellness.

Robyn Villebrun

Robyn Villebrun is the Founder & President of Medika North.

Dave Tuccaro

Dave Tuccaro is the Founder, President, and CEO of Tuccaro Group of Companies.

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