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Employer Participation Needed for Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Labour Study

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Economic Development & Tourism (FMWBEDT), in partnership with regional stakeholders, is conducting a labour study. This study will provide a comprehensive understanding of workforce requirements and challenges during these uncertain and evolving economic conditions.

Labour Study Employer Survey

“Pandemic impacts to employment is of global concern,” says Kevin Weidlich, President and CEO of FMWBEDT. “Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo can use this study’s findings to support and respond to our region’s labour market needs - an essential investment in our economic future.”

The labour study survey encompasses the entire Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region, including Indigenous communities, and will assist local and regional employers with practical strategies to address workforce needs and shortages.

"The information gathered from this survey will provide support, clarity and guidance to the work that our First Nations are doing in employment and training for Indigenous people who reside in our region,” says May-Britt Jensen, Director of Employment & Training for Athabasca Tribal Council. “This will increase quality of life by providing meaningful employment, which in turn contributes to a sustainable and healthy community."

It is recommended the survey is directed to a Human Resources contact within the organization and is available until December 21, 2020. The full report is expected to be completed in March 2021 and will be made available as a public good to the community.

Access the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Labour Study Survey: CLICK HERE

In Partnership With:

Government of Alberta, Labour & Immigration

Athabasca Tribal Council

Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce

Fort McMurray Construction Association


Keyano College

McMurray Métis

Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association

Oil Sand Community Alliance

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo