Partnership Brings 1st Annual “Boreal Royale” Off-Road Motorcycle Event to Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Economic Development & Tourism (FMWBEDT) has partnered with local non-profit motorcyle event organizers and creators Ride North Moto to launch the “Boreal Royale,” a dual-sport motorcycle adventure event promoting safe and responsible motorized recreation in the region’s backcountry zones.

“Boreal Royale is not a race, it’s an opportunity to welcome the off-road motorcyling community to responsibly experience the beautiful backcountry areas and community hospitality of Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo,” says Tyler Cole, Sports & Events Economic Development Officer with FMWBEDT. “We are working towards this event becoming a staple in the dual-sport and adventure sport motorcycling event calendar going forward.”

The Boreal Royale will also be hosted in partnership with the McMurray Dirt Riders Association and the WANDURO Adventure Moto Navigation events team from British Columbia. Permission has been granted by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) to compete on their traditional territory in the Richardson Backcountry north of Fort McMurray. ACFN ancestors have used this land for millenia and ACFN continues to act as a steward of the land to ensure activities are conducted with minimal disturbance. The event’s format is similar to geocaching while using motorcycles. Competitors on dual-sport motorcycles will use the WANDURO app to find waypoints and collect Quest Points, while exploring the beautiful and rugged sandy areas of Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

“We are very excited to see the 1st Annual Boreal Royale come together and to share our passion for motorcycle sport with others in the community,” said Mike Haberoth, Founder of Ride North Moto.

“Our local partners have been the key to helping us explore the region’s backcountry and inspiring us all to be proud of the place we call home.”

The entry fee for competitors is $299, which includes four nights camping at the motocross track and three days of competition. Spectators who wish to make their way north to the Richardson Backcountry are welcome to do so for free. There will be camping offered at the McMurray Dirt Riders Association track and an Awards Night post-event. For more event information and to register, visit Ride North Moto.

Boreal Royale Introduction Videos:

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Richardson Backcountry in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Photos Credit: Ride North Moto