Citizen Spotlight

Miguel Borges makes space for innovation

One of the founding members of Makerspace shares why Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is a hotbed for innovation.

He’s an Educational Technology Coordinator who teaches computer science courses. He has degrees and Masters and several certifications. But to put it simply, Miguel Borges is a lifelong learner who loves to make things. And he has an inspiring view of our region.

He describes himself as a guy who likes to solve problems, which is exactly what he did when he helped found Makerspace in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo. He saw an opportunity for the community to grow, and he took it.

Makerspace is a place where curious minds can go to learn, create, teach and above all, make things. From ideas to prototypes to the latest technology, Makerspace is your modern-day tinker shed equipped with 3D printing and laser cutting, naturally.

Since its founding, Makerspace has been our hub for learning and teaching. Anyone is welcome. All you need to bring is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Miguel has a passion for creating drone videos for the community. Of course he teaches others how to do it as well. That’s the beauty of Makerspace. One day you’re teaching others, the next they’re teaching you. Our culture of innovation is built on a foundation of sharing knowledge.

There’s a connection between what’s happening at Makerspace and Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo. When asked why this is such a great place for investors and business owners, Miguel says,

“We have a population that is well educated, and students who are into all kinds of tech and innovation. It’s our natural environment. If you want to do something new, this is the place. It’s second nature for people to solve problems here.”

Miguel notes that our region is much more than how some might perceive it. As evidenced by Makerspace, this is more than a place to work and live. People are fiercely proud of our home because they know that this is where makers, families, businesses and investors thrive. We see it every day.

For Miguel, that means continuing his outreach and learning from the community. The guy who makes space for others to innovate will keep on doing exactly that.