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Food & Drink

You can go almost anywhere and find great food in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, though it may take you several visits to discover all the best dishes and restaurants!

Looking for a light bite or a hearty meal? Check with a local as we’re always eager to recommend tried-and-true restaurants or our favourite take-out places. From flavours of the region like bison burgers, five-star restaurants featuring immaculately prepared creations from around the world, and cozy local diners with down-home favourites – Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo serves up culinary experiences for every taste.

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For a full and up to date list of all the amazing restaurants in the region, check out the FMWB Yelp listing.

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The People Behind the Plate

Dedicate - Healthy Kitchen

“I’m not sure I would have ever tried to start a restaurant anywhere else. But the sense of opportunity here was the biggest push for me to have the confidence to give it a shot,” Heather said, looking back on how her humble desire for easy, healthful eating has grown into a city-spanning sensation in six short years.

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With everything to do here, it is hard to choose just one. Looking for recommendations?