Location 133 Thicket Drive | Fort McMurray, AB | T9H 3C2

Ross Hennigar Park

Ross Hennigar Park is one of the home diamonds of the Fort McMurray Minor Baseball Association. Situated on the edge of the Athabasca River valley in a quiet corner of the Thickwood neighbourhood, this ballpark is a true gem. Google Maps directions.

It features a turf surface, seating for 300, a broadcast and technical booth, permanent scoreboard, and 304’ fences to left and right field and 365’ to centre field.

There are permanent washrooms on-site along with a small parking lot. The ballpark is served by WOOSH Transit Route 61 with connections from the Thickwood Terminal.

Ross Hennigar Park-3

baseball diamond park field

Ross Hennigar Park-1

baseball park diamond scoreboard field

Ross Hennigar Park-2

baseball diamond park field

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baseball diamond park field