Net Zero Initiative

Net Zero by 2050. For Canada. For the world.

The Government of Canada has committed to net-zero emissions by 2050. And so has our energy industry. Innovative energy companies are coming together to reduce GHG emissions. And billions of dollars of investment capital are contributing to future technologies that will reduce their environmental footprint as we move toward 2050.

With every major energy company based in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, and their unified commitment to innovation that gets us closer to our net-zero goals, this region is fertile ground for new ideas and technologies.

we can already see progress toward a net-zero 2050.

The Canadian energy sector is making major strides in reducing GHGs. Significant investments in the clean tech sector and knowledge sharing—the likes of which have never been seen before—are propelling our way forward. The world values Canadian producers of natural gas and oil for their stable global energy supply. And their commitment to creating new pathways to a lower-carbon future is helping to inspire lasting confidence.


We aspire to be leaders in land management, restoring the land and preserving biodiversity of plants and animals.


We aspire to produce oil with lower greenhouse gas emissions than other sources of oil.


We aspire to be leaders in water management, producing Canadian energy with no adverse impact on water.


We aspire to transform tailings from waste into a resource that speeds up land and water reclamation.

Oil and gas companies are the largest spenders on clean technology in Canada. Canadian companies invest about $1.4 billion a year in clean technology - 75 percent of that comes from the oil and gas industry.


Forestry is Alberta’s third largest industry. It’s creating jobs, contributing to the economy, and responsibly monitoring forests at each life stage. Within the region’s boreal forest, stands of spruce, pine and fir are harvested. Forests cover nearly 60% (about 38 million hectares, or 80 million acres) of Alberta’s land base, with nearly 90% of this forested land in northern Alberta. These forests provide unique opportunities for forest producers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The Pathways Alliance

The Pathways Alliance is truly groundbreaking. Companies are coming together to reduce GHG emissions with billions of dollars of investments to create new technologies.

This alliance includes Canadian Natural Resources, Cenovus Energy, Imperial Oil, MEG Energy, and Suncor Energy working with the federal and Alberta governments.

The companies are actively looking to link oil sands facilities in the Fort McMurray and Cold Lake regions to a carbon sequestration hub. They’re making advances on carbon capture and storage technologies, as well as clean hydrogen, fuel switching and other innovative methods to reduce emissions.

As we leverage our leadership in ESG performance and innovation, we are strengthening the industry and the entire Canadian economy for generations to come.

It’s good for the here and now, and a significant leap forward toward being net zero by 2050. Together, we will help Canada meet its climate targets.

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