Workforce & Talent

Talented. Skilled. Ready to work.

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo brings in skilled people from all over the world. With at least 80 languages spoken in our region, the universal language of working hard links us all.


We have a growing talent pool of curious and inventive thinkers here. There are 35 primary and secondary schools in the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region, and continuous demand keeps that number growing. Keyano College in Fort McMurray offers specialized post-secondary training to more than 2,800 full-time students, and over 13,000 part-time students, many of whom are international.


Incredible communities need exceptional schools. We’re proud to showcase our exemplary Public and Catholic school systems, complete with French immersion and a full-French school. Our high schools offer globally-recognized programs that give our students a chance to explore the world. After students graduate, Keyano College offers many paths towards rewarding careers that can push our region forward.

In our schools, we foster a spirit of innovation, knowing that encouraging and inspiring talent at home will help grow a workforce of problem solvers who understand the needs of the region. In recent years, the resilience of our community has received global attention. Great minds thrive here.

Expertise in the energy sector

As a major contributor to Canada’s economy, we are at the centre of the nation’s Energy Sector. Our expertise will pave the way for innovators to bring new ideas and technologies to the region, as we all work towards a net zero future. Work with us. Let’s make some serious progress. Together.

firefighters in the woods
Teacher working with children in a classroom
Person in hard hat and safety vest digging up soil sample in a field



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