Quality of Life

This is where quality meets life.

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is a great place to build a life. People from 68 different countries around the world have come here and seen that for themselves. We are a diverse community with a welcoming spirit.

This is a close-knit community. We have been tested in multiple ways, only to come out stronger—and positioned for growth—every time. Through our challenges, we have found new opportunities, all while fostering a quality of life where families can grow and businesses can thrive.

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is the 2nd most affordable place to live in the country. For those looking to get ahead, you can do that here. Our average household income ($212,433) is twice that of the Canadian average. So is our discretionary income ($151,589).

Not only is our community young—with an average age of 35—diverse and affordable, it’s also safe and vibrant with so much to explore. From the 130 kilometres of managed trails that run through our neighbourhoods to Canada’s largest indoor recreational facility, we have amenities and opportunities at every turn.

quality of life in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo infographic



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