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Arts Council Wood Buffalo

Arts Council Wood Buffalo (ACWB) is non-profit society and charitable organization that supports the growth and success of the arts.

It was established to raise the profile of the arts in our region and to support all facets of the arts community. ACWB offers a variety of services and events that: build the capacity of our local artists to compete and thrive; enable collaborations between artists, arts organizations, non-profits, and industry; and advocate for our region’s arts municipally, provincially, and federally.

Public Art Wood Buffalo

The mandate of the Municipal Public Art Program (also known as Public Art Wood Buffalo) is to strengthen community identity and sense of place by creating and developing public art within the region.

Program initiatives are coordinated by team members of the Culture & Social Development Branch who cultivate partnerships and provide strategic direction on projects.

The mission of the Culture & Social Development branch is to deliver diverse planning and programming that aligns with council directives and fosters inclusivity, celebrates heritage, and inspires creativity for a vibrant municipality.