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Living in Fort McMurray

Arts & Culture

Our community is rich with arts & culture amenities, from performing arts centres to public art displays, art exhibitions, galleries, and murals.

people playing cricket

Our communities are safe, diverse and affordable. We are home to a vibrant arts and cultural scene.

Public Art
people painting in an open field during the summer

The mandate of the Municipal Public Art Program (also known as Public Art Wood Buffalo) is to strengthen community identity and sense of place by creating and developing public art within the region.


Our first-ever Pop-Up Photography Tour captured the incredible and diverse everyday life of people in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo (FMWB)—inviting them to be involved in sharing who we are as a place!

People in Profile

People in Profile is a glimpse into the lives and livelihoods of people across Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo—as the photos and videos were captured during the Pop-Up Photography Tour. Welcomed into homes, schools, and workplaces, these profiles reveal the connection between people and the place they share.