Fort McKay

Fort McKay overlooks the Athabasca River and is approximately 58 kilometres north of Fort McMurray. This 900-person community is home to the Cree, Dene, and Métis people, with most residents being members of the Fort McKay First Nation or Fort McKay Métis.

The largely Indigenous community is fiercely proud of its First Nations and Métis heritage, and celebrate it in the best ways possible—by living it. Traditional activities include hunting and trapping, as well as community get-togethers.

Things really heat up during the winter when the community celebrates its rich heritage with the Fort McKay Family Winter Carnival. The scent of bonfires, barbecue and hand-rolled snow taffy greets visitors and residents alike as they gather for fun and games. The carnival is about family and community as much as it's about friendly competition. The warmth of their laughter and friendship can be felt as they compete to make tea, kick the highest, race toboggans, and saw through thick logs.

But don’t wait for the carnival, any day is a good day to visit Fort McKay. They are always eager to welcome visitors and share their rich cultural history.

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Home is where the heart is. We’ve got a lot of that. We are a young and vibrant community, where friends and neighbours become family too.

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