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Corie Flett, K.C.

Corie serves as one of McMurray’s most accomplished young legal professionals.

Born in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Corie moved to Fort McMurray at only ten years old. Her father had found work here and brought the whole family to settle into the place they would call home for years to come.

My family – close and extended family – my friends, all live here. Fort McMurray provided us the opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s a community I want to raise my children in, to provide them with those same opportunities.”

Now grown, and with a family of her own, Corie serves as one of McMurray’s most accomplished young legal professionals. Called to the Bar in 2011, she’s since co-founded the Muessle Flett Law firm alongside partner Waverly Muessle, where Corie specializes in litigation, family law, real estate and corporate financing. Corie was appointed Queen’s Counsel* in 2020, with her appointment ceremony being the first held in our region. For added esteem, Corie is also in the midst of her second term as a Bencher for the Alberta Law Society.

While Corie’s legal practice might focus on matters of litigation and arbitration, the law is not her only focus! She’s served as Director for the Fort McMurray Airport and the Northern Lights Health Foundation, and volunteers with her band, the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.

Out of office, Corie enjoys life with her young family. A life, she says, that is low-key but not low effort: “I’ve got three kids – 10, 8, and 5. They’re in all sorts of activities, always busy. It seems like I'm always carting them around to dance, hockey or something else!”

*Now King's Counsel, after the ascension of King Charles III in September 2022.

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