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Pop-up Photography Tour

About the Pop-Up Photography Tour

Our first-ever Pop-Up Photography Tour captured the incredible and diverse everyday life of people in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo (FMWB)—inviting them to be involved in sharing who we are as a place!

We partnered with Public Art Wood Buffalo (PAWB) on this Tour to leverage public art in its ability to strengthen the connection between people and the place they share. Well-known local artists Crystal Mercredi and Lucas Seaward (pictured below) toured from Fort Fitzgerald to Conklin to capture the unique landscapes, peoples, and cultures in the region.

The duo started in Fort McMurray then travelled by land, air, and water to visit each area of the region. Stopping at a bee farm, capturing teens creating new technologies, and joining Indigenous celebrations only begins to tell the rich stories of our history. Residents were thrilled with the opportunity to join the fun, bringing their families – and pets – along for the photo and video shoots. The Tour concluded with 19 pop-up sessions across 10 communities, with nearly 700 registered participants.

The photos and videos captured during the Tour have become part of the place brand and are being used to promote the region. A compilation of the images has been used to create a dynamic mural at Kiyām Park in downtown Fort McMurray, reflective of our connected communities. Read more about the mural below.

Crystal Mercredi

Lucas Seaward

Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes to see what went into the making the Pop-Up Photography Tour a reality!


Pop-Up Photography Tour Gallery

Some incredible images were captured across the region during the Pop-Up Photography Tour. Check them out at the link below.



In 2022, a brand-new mural was erected in downtown Fort McMurray which tells many stories about the region.

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