Living in Fort McMurray

Schools & Education

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is a wonderful place to learn at every age and stage of life.

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is home to a variety of public and private elementary and secondary schools offering a comprehensive selection of specialty programming including cutting-edge technological studies, trades apprenticeship training. Some schools provide French immersion and even complete French, Islamic and Indigenous curricula.

For post-secondary studies, Keyano College provides students a continuing education in healthcare, business, trades and technology through its various diploma, degree and apprenticeship programs.

What's more, through its University Transfer program, the college enables students to earn university credits and begin academic coursework they can later transfer and continue at one of several major Alberta universities.

Pre-school, Elementary, Secondary Education

Fort McMurray Public School Division

The Fort McMurray Public School Division is home to 16 different schools, offering programming for children of all ages -- from pre-school and Early Childhood Development Programming, through to grade 12 graduation.

Pre-school, Elementary, Secondary Education

Catholic School Division

The Fort McMurray Catholic Division serves nearly 7,000 students across its 13 schools.

Its schools offer faith-based learning environments for students of all ages and holds its programming to the highest academic standards.

Post-Secondary Education

Keyano College

Keyano College is the definitive post-secondary institution in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

Keyano graduates earn certificates, diplomas, trades certificates of qualifications, and baccalaureate degrees across a range of sectors -- in business, construction, health services, science, education and transportation.

Corporate training, Indigenous Education and Regional Stewardship programming is available throughout the academic year, as well.