Living in Fort McMurray

Seasons & Climate

From the long, glorious summer days of soaking up the seemingly endless sunlight to brisk winter nights watching the stunning northern lights as they dance across the sky, the seasons in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo are both dramatic and memorable.

Spring: Returning sun

In spring, be prepared for everything! Temperatures during this time can fluctuate a lot - gorgeous sunny afternoons but chilly mornings and evenings. With the temperature ranges, ice does form, so stash a pair of ice grips for your boots in your car in case you need them. Bundle up and enjoy the increasing sunlight on the trails or lunch on a heated patio to get your fill of fresh air.

Summer: Land of the midnight sun

During the summer season in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone inside. Summers can be short, so everyone takes full advantage of every possible moment. Community events are rampant, patios full to the brim, the sun almost never sets, and you almost wouldn’t want it to.

Summers here are warm and comfortable - with average seasonal highs of around 22°C and average lows near 9°C - and well worth the wait.

Fall: Golden landscape

Fall is one of the most visually beautiful seasons in the region, the colours and landscape seem to change in a matter of hours. Days can be warm and sunny, and evenings brisk. Find a favourite local coffee shop and take the long way to work. Pro tip - keep a camera handy in case you come across a view you can't help but capture - make all your instagram followers jealous. It's the beginning of toque season - so stock up and you'll fit right in.

Winter: Land of snow and ice

We can guarantee snow - and lots of it in. In the north, during the winter months, the days can be short with the sun setting early and rising late. This is the time to be cozy, or to get out and attend the community events that take place to celebrate our beautiful winter landscape. There is still so much to do to keep busy - regardless of the temperature.

We get weeks of extreme cold and weeks prime for all your favourite winter activities. The average low is -20°C and average high is around -8°C.

Tips from Locals

  • Have a great pair of winter boots - don’t skimp on these, they are well worth the investment.
  • Get yourself some great winter tires - you are going to need them!
  • Bundle up and enjoy the snow! There are so many activities to do regardless of the temperature.
  • Utilize some of our amazing facilities. Get yourself a pass and stay warm, even in the cold.