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Dog sledding

It’s an exhilarating ride you won’t soon forget. A team of amazing canine athletes will tour you across the frozen landscape through forests of pine and birch, as your ears are filled with vivid stories of the land and the region’s rich cultural history. All the while, you'll be nice and toasty in a comfortable handcrafted sled.

dog sledding on frozen lake
Dog sledding at sunset
dog sledding team
dogs pulling a sled

Local Spotlight

The runners on Robert Grandjambe’s sled glide along a remote forest trail near Fort Chipewyan, as his team of working dogs pull him to a good spot to cut wood for his stove. His life is lived traditionally, and he often treks into the bush to trap and hunt, to sled onto frozen lakes and net fish, or to gather and split logs for the winter wood pile.

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Come experience the serene bliss that is dog sledding in Alberta’s north. Let the spirit and energy of the dogs and the incredible history behind dog sledding move you.

Dogs pulling a sled in an open snow field

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This activity is best enjoyed in the cold weather! Check out our cold meter to prepare for any level of cold.

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A Place Of Natural Wonder

Watch as nature’s greatest light show—the aurora – dances in our skies over an endlessly unexpected landscape.