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Welcome to a Snowmobilers Paradise. With hundreds of kilometres of trails, cutlines, and waterways to explore, heart-pounding adventure is a way of life here.

Take advantage of the extensive groomed and signed trail system, developed and maintained by the McMurray Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Association. There are staging areas in Waterways, Abasand Heights, and north of Fort McMurray, and riding conditions are excellent. Before heading out, be sure to purchase a trail pass and acquaint yourself with the regional snowmobiling bylaws and rules.

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The McMurray Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Association maintains around 300 kilometres of trails in the region, with warm-up shelters and firepits conveniently dispersed throughout. This group of snowmobiling enthusiasts have partnered with the RMWB and industry to designate, develop and maintain these trails. And what fantastic trails they are—covering river valleys, old railway beds, cutlines, forest, hilly terrain and creeks. Riding conditions are generally excellent, with the Stony Mountain area receiving the most snow on average.

You can check out the trail maps and purchase your trail pass from the Sno-Drifters at: and

Snowmobiler Television 2022 Episode 7: Highlighting the snowmobiling experience in FMWB

The crew from Snowmobiler Television visited FMWB in January 2022 to capture our unique snowmobiling experiences. Bundle up and check it out!

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The Riding Season

The riding season in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo runs from around mid-December to April, making it comparable to some mountain destinations.

Safety First, Always.

Before heading out for a day of adventure and excitement on the trails, make sure you're prepared. Pack a first-aid kit, compact tool kit, trail map, tow strap and winch, extra fuel, food and water, and body protection including a helmet, goggles and gloves, and warm clothing.

As a note of caution, visitors to the area need to be aware that oil development work takes place through the winter, and a good GPS is a must, as it can be easy to get lost in the backcountry.


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This activity is best enjoyed in the cold weather! Check out our cold meter to prepare for any level of cold.

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