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Our fonts have been chosen to align with the brand. Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is full of voices that are strong, bold and modern. It also is a place full of friendly faces, welcoming attitudes and tradition. This is why the brand uses a combination of two fonts with different attributes. This complementary set, when used together, projects a unique and balanced tone, much like the voices of the region.


Alternate Gothic ATF stands tall and proud. It commands attention with its steady stroke width and geometrically sound forms. Its no-nonsense style is tonally aligned with the bold headlines and unique selling points of the region. Whether you’re storytelling, educating or marketing for the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo brand, this primary font should be applied.



Droid Serif is the perfect complement to Alternate Gothic ATF with its comfortable text weight and sentence case style. The even-stroked, serifed letter forms are reassuring to the eye and welcomes readers to engage in longer form content, which should always appear in the “Upper lower case body copy” style. “Sentence Case Headlines” style is intended for use when a headline or sub-head is more subtle or refined in tone. “ALL CAPS SMALL TEXT & LABELS” is a style for use in page headers, footers or any decorative smaller text, particularly in layout design.



If you do not have access to our primary and secondary fonts through Adobe Typekit, Oswald and Noto Serif are free substitutes, available at or in our Grab N’ Go Downloads. Many of our pre-made templates, also found in Grab N’ Go Downloads, are built using these free fonts. The files are set up like this to simplify the layouts of branded presentations and documents for anyone using them.

The same styles apply to the substitute fonts as shown in the primary and secondary font displays.


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