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We are real and true to ourselves. When we talk we have a contagious confidence. We speak with perseverance in our minds and passion in our hearts. We are proud yet humble.


We use simple language that’s easy to understand. We say more with less. We speak honestly and directly. Our voice is never passive, always inspiring yet never boastful. We honour the power of a story. Respectful of our important history and grateful for everything we have – the words we choose unite us.


We use the word ‘unite’ as everyone, from every corner of the region, is represented in our language and ideas, because we accomplish everything together. Our humility is born from our gratefulness and respect for one another. And we have a yearning deep within to build each other up and inspire others to do the same.


These key building block messages should be used when further detail specific to the place brand building blocks is needed. They offer an easy and standardized way to communicate our attributes consistently across a variety of audiences and platforms.

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A place of incredible economic opportunity

  • Whether you want to advance your career, increase your earning potential, grow your business, or start something new; opportunity lives here.
  • Opportunities here get you where you want to go, faster.
  • We are Canada’s economic engine.
  • 96% of Canada’s oil comes from the oil sands. 80% of that comes from FMWB.


A place for families

  • Our young, vibrant population with many growing families provides an ideal community to grow up in.
  • Families thrive here; with financial opportunity, strong education and community support.
  • Here, friends and neighbours become family.
  • Industry partners are corporate citizens, investing into building family-oriented communities.


A place of innovation

  • With our culture of innovation, come here with your challenges, your ideas and your energy – and we’ll make it happen, together.
  • We are constantly working to be leaner, greener, safer and smarter.
  • We’ve been a place for entrepreneurs since the fur-trade. (Indigenous people the first entrepreneurs)
  • Reduced reclamation time from 50 years to under 8.


A place of remarkable Indigenous strength

  • Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is the centre of excellence for Indigenous business in Canada.
  • Our Indigenous roots and communities make our region stronger.
  • Industry’s relationship with Indigenous companies has increased prosperity for all.
  • Fort McKay generates 97% of own-sourced revenue from Nation-owned companies.


A place of natural wonder

  • Home to Canada’s largest national park, Wood Buffalo National Park & UNESCO world heritage site –where the world’s largest herd of Wood Bison (3000) roam.
  • Explore a region full of endlessly unexpected natural wonder.
  • Your backyard is a natural playground for year-round adventure.
  • Hundreds of years of cultural wonder.

3 people standing in a commercial kitchen smiling

A place of strong community spirit

  • Compassion and generosity is at the heart of our community.
  • Here, friends and neighbours are family.
  • Our strong community will help us overcome any obstacle.


A place of diversity

  • We offer the diversity of culture, ethnicity, and language that you’d expect in a big city, welcomed with the warmth and community of a smaller town.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are from, all of us are welcome here.
  • Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is a place for all people to prosper.
  • Residents from over 60 different countries.
  • World-leading Indigenous relations and partnerships.
  • Multiple examples of female leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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