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This is the primary logo for our region. The font stands as strong and tall as we do. The colours are a reflection of our lush natural environment. The graphic mark gives geographic context. Together, our logo is a unified and unique visual mark we can be proud to apply to our branded communications.

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo logo


Set in the top right corner of Alberta, the shape of the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region and its backyard, Wood Buffalo National Park, is distinct. It’s a mirrored F, a reflection of the ‘F’ in Fort McMurray, the region’s urban center. It’s the space that’s home to our people, our businesses, our ideas, adventures, and opportunities. This is where it all happens. The regional icon is a symbol inspired by the actual borders of our one-of-a-kind home.

Primary Logo

The Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo logo comes in different versions so it can do its job properly in different contexts. The primary logo should always be the first choice when choosing which logo version to use.





The secondary logo is a supporting brand element. Because it does not include the full place name it cannot be used as an alternate to the primary logo. Wherever the secondary logo is used, the full place name must already be present or known by the audience.



The regional icon is a distinct and memorable brand element. The shape represents the region as a whole and is pulled directly from the logo. This icon should be used often, in both bold and subtle ways, as a graphic reminder of the overall identity and place. It may appear with a solid fill or heavy stroked outline using any brand colour. It may be filled with imagery or used as a decorative element, marker, or button.

Regional Icon – Filled


Regional Icon – Outlined



The regional icon should never be used outside the context of the full place brand name. For example, the regional icon may appear on its own within a presentation if the place name was previously established via the primary logo on the opening slide. It may not be used, however, on a single static communication piece such as a poster, brochure or digital advertisement, without the primary logo.


It’s important to let the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo logo breathe. It should always be surrounded by a minimum safe area margin that is the height of the regional icon. No other graphic content, like another logo or a line of text, should enter this space.



The logo should never be applied at a size that is illegible or distorted due to its small scale. The minimum size for in-hand print application is 0.5” in height. The minimum size for digital application is 25 pixels in height. For any other applications ensure that a legibility test is done before publishing or producing a design.



DO place the logo over a photo with a high contrast and a clean clear space.

DO place the logo over the regional icon outline in a simple layout

DO consider how the logo reads with text within a layout.

DON’T place the logo over text or any graphic object other than the regional icon.

DON’T place the logo over a busy photo or video that doesn’t provide enough contrast.

DON’T place the logo within text to be read as part of a sentence or headline.

DON’T alter the graphic elements or fonts within the logo in any way.

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