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Get to know Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is a place of incredible people. Some are Indigenous to the land, while others have only just arrived, but everyone has a story to tell about what connects them to the region.

People in Profile is a glimpse into the lives and livelihoods of people across Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo—as the photos and videos were captured during the Pop-Up Photography Tour. Welcomed into homes, schools, and workplaces, these profiles reveal the connection between people and the place they share.

Alice Rigney

Alice is harnessing the power of the internet to help keep the Dene language alive in the minds (and mouths) of her devoted students.

Sandra Efu

No stranger to hard work, Dr. Sandra Efu is working hard to make her community a better place for everyone.

Paulette & Brian Bird

Longtime residents of the region, Paulette and Brian Bird are keeping a lost art alive in Anzac.

Jerry Quintal

A lifelong musician and man of many talents, Jerry is sharing his passion for performance in region and cross-country.

Said El Mejdani

Said is a teacher inspiring his students to find success at any age and stage in life. 

Corie Flett, K.C.

Corie serves as one of McMurray’s most accomplished young legal professionals.

John H. Cardinal

For John, hunting is about spirituality as much as it is sustenance.

Mary McKenzie

Mary is keeping old wisdom alive in the minds of her young students.

Justin Herman

For Justin, true success is in giving back to his community and supporting the people he cares about.

Shaya Jones

Shaya finds happiness in helping her community, one person at a time.

Bentley Penn

Bentley is an accomplished pianist, talented beyond his years.

Richard Nokohoo

Richard inspires people to dream big for a better tomorrow.

Dave Stearman

Dave is helping enrich his community through a shared passion for dog sledding.

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